CS Partners Professionals
  • Zhenkun FuSenior Partner
    Trademark & Litigation Attorney

    Education: LL.M

    As Senior Partner of Corner Stone & Partners, Mr. Fu began to practice law in 1999 as a professional IP lawyer. Having practiced law for 22 years in the IP field, Mr. Fu has a wealth of experience in trademark, patent, copyright and anti-unfair competition matters. For more than 20 years, he has handled thousands of IP cases including court or non-court ones for Fortune 500 clients or China 500 clients. He has had dozens of trademarks recognized as well-known trademarks through courts or China National Intellectual Property Administration for our clients. Quite a few cases he handled are chosen as China Supreme People’s Court’s or provincial high people’s courts’ typical cases of the year.

    In addition to intellectual property rights, Fu also has rich experience in the handling of civil and commercial disputes and company law cases.

    Mr. Fu is a member of Beijing Intellectual Property Law Institute, vice-president of China’s Anti-Infringement and Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance, and a member of Beijing Chaoyang District Lawyers Association’s Intellectual Property Panel, Dispute Settlement Panel, and Civil Affairs Panel respectively. He has been awarded several titles in recently years, including the following:

     One of the Top 50 Outstanding IP Lawyers of the Year 2020
     One of the Top 50 Outstanding IP Lawyers of the Year 2019
     One of the Top 10 Best IP Lawyers of the Year 2020
     One of the Top 10 Best IP Lawyers of the Year 2019
     One of the Top 10 Best IP Lawyers of the Year 2018


  • Brenda ZhaoSenior Partner
    MARQUES Unfair Competition Team Member

    Education: LL.M

    Brenda Zhao is a senior partner of Corner Stone & Partners and she served as Chair of the Asia-Pacific Subcommittee of the ADR and Mediation Committee of INTA (2018-2020) and as a member of Unfair Competition Team of Marques. With over 20 years’ experience in the IP field, Brenda is very proficient in Chinese and foreign IP laws, regulations and policies and has sound knowledge and expertise on IP matters. Over the past nearly 20 years, she has been engaged in IP protection, practicing the philosophy “A Foundation to Your Success”, addressing clients’ needs, and providing clients with high-quality, efficient and thoughtful law services as best as she can with her great professional skill and down-to-earth and meticulous work attitude.

    As an excellent trademark attorney, Brenda is committed to providing clients with overarching IP protection services and diversified dispute resolution methods to find the best cost-effective solutions. With her great legal expertise and remarkable communication skills, she has provided effective legal advice to many clients, especially handling a number of significant IP protection cases for many world-famous companies. Her service has achieved good results in the protection of clients’ rights and interest and earns her positive recognition by clients.

    With many years of experience, Brenda not only provides necessary support for clients' trademark affairs in China, but does well in handling high-end and complicated IP cases and providing professional legal advice. She is an expert in trademark opposition and review; copyright and domain name protection; IP infringement and litigation; and other IP dispute resolution. She has published quite a few professional articles in relevant national or international magazines, presided and/or spoken at national or international IP forums, and organized IP round tables, to share her experience in the IP field and contribute to IP protection and maintenance of a fair competition environment.


  • Jeffrey LiuSenior Partner

    Education: LL.M; MBA

    Jeffrey is an established trademark attorney whose experience includes trademark prosecution, investigations involving infringing and counterfeit goods, and administrative enforcement.  He is a key strategist in building the foundation for complex international cases.  Mr. Liu’s extensive domestic and international business and legal experience, along with his focus on customer service, has made him the firm’s international ambassador, laying the groundwork for the firm’s international footprint.


  • Nick JiPartner
    Member of INTA TOPC Committee / Trademark & Patent Attorney

    Education: Electronics Engineering, B.E.

    Nick’s broad based experience spanning more than 20 years includes representation in the consumer products, luxury goods, children’s products and media and entertainment industries.  Nick’s Electronics Engineering degree, along with his employment history with domestic and multinational IP agencies, enables him to analyze intellectual property issues from multiple practice disciplines.  His practice includes structured strategic intellectual property prosecution and enforcement.


  • John XiaPartner
    Trademark & Patent Attorney

    Education: Applied Meteorology, M.A.

    With a Masters degree in Applied Meteorology, John spent the first several years of his career in research at the Academy of Science. For the past twenty years John has devoted his attention to practice of intellectual property law. Certified by All China Patent Attorneys Associations as one of the first patent attorneys in the PRC, John has acquired a deep understanding of integrated circuit layout and design and new plant varietals. His practice includes patent prosecution, appeal, invalidation and administrative litigation, as well as counseling clients on trademark and copyright matters.


  • Yongqiang QiPartner
    Patent Attorney

    Education: Ehime University (JAPAN)    Ph.D. & M.S. in Information Science

    Practice areas - Prosecution and enforcement of patents in the field of information processing technology, electronic / electrical engineering technology, automatic control, semiconductor technology , computer technology, wire and wireless communications, image processing, integrated circuit, multi-media technology, and e-commences; patent infringement analysis; legal opinion work.

    Work experience - Since graduation from Lanzhou University, Yongqiang engaged in research work in the Chinese Academy of Sciences for nearly seven years, then, went to Japan to study and work for more than eight years. Nearly fifteen years of research and work experience has accumulated rich experience in research and development. Yongqiang started practicing as a patent attorney at China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) in Beijing for 15 years. During this period of time he has handled a large number of cases for domestic and foreign companies. In 2012 Yongqiang got a chance to study Europe patent system and practice at Mewburn Ellis LLP in U.K and in 2016 got a chance to study Japan patent system and practice at AOYAMA & PARTNERS in Japan. Yongqiang joined CORNER STONE & PARTNERS In 2018 and is responsible for our Japanese Department. His experience and skills to look after clients from Japan and other parts of the world made him one of the core members of our patent team.


  • Eddie ZhengPartner
    Patent Attorney; Attorney-at-Law

    Education: Master\'s degree in Telecommunications

    Eddie Zheng is both a Patent Attorney and an Attorney-at-Law.

    Eddie has been working in the field of intellectual property since 2007. He has a very strong professional background and rich experience in the fields of Telecommunications. Before joining our firm, he previously worked as a Patent Examiner of China Patent Office. He served as a senior IP Manager at DaTang Telecom, IP Director at VIPKID, and Partner at the top Law Firm in China. Eddie has dealt or participated in hundreds of important intellectual property dispute cases.

    He is currently as a member of the Central Legal Affairs Committee of the Democratic League of China; Expert of “the Enforcement Experts Database of the State Intellectual Property Office; Expert from Beijing Intellectual Property Expert Database; Expert of the first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Guangdong) High Value Trademark Cultivation Competition; He was awarded the "2019 China's 40 Under 40 Enterprise Intellectual Property Elite" and the "Jury Award" by IPRdaily.